Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peacock Wrangler

Grant wanted to go to the Zoo after the tournament. Of course these are for the camera but the best part about these pictures are that Grant does this stuff with or without the camera. Whenever you turn around you don't know what you will find. You just have to be careful not to shoot your Coke through your nose when you are not ready for it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bulldogs smashed the city kids

Our team won the Tucson "Fort Lowell Shootout" this weekend winning all of our games. We were all exhausted by Sunday night. Last year we lost every game at this tournament and so with four of the same boys and 5 new ones we scored more goals then 32 other teams(we also allowed a few too many, 6). It is fun to beat the club teams for which parents will pay $600-$1,500 if they play year- round. When they see our "rec" team name on their schedule, they check us off as a win. In fact all of the Safford All-Star teams did fantastic either winning the tournament or with winning records. Thank you parents and sponsors for your support. Go Bulldogs!
When did this cool old man hat on the young guy start looking like the old man hat on the old man?
While the rest of the guys listen, Andrew knows this is all nonsense and we just need to play.

We had two games so early it was freezing and dark when we arrived at the fields. Great job kids and thank you parents for the time and expense.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homework and Halloween

Toothless getting a red card from the soccer ref

Sunday, January 2, 2011

End of Summer 2010

Ok these are out of order but this is how the boys spent alot of time this summer. Grant on his first day back to school and my out of control garage. Grant and his "bling" that he rarely goes without.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanksgiving Football 2010

When Andrew scores you have to endure his celebratory dance.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soccer 2010

Wow. I didn't realize how many months we had skipped on this blog. One reason why is soccer. Grant had a great year and turned it on this year. No more silly soccer, which I thought would be his soccer legacy. His first game he scored all of his team's goals and sometimes scored his teams only goals in games. At the same time he would come all the way back on defensive and make a stop, turn the ball around take it back and score while still having time to pick up his teammates and dust the grass off them. He was very concerned about his teammates and how "mean" every other team was at all times.

Andrew's team won 1st place.(8-1) I had a great group of kids that were willing to run. About 4 were 9 years old going on 25 and 6 were 9 years old going on 4. Andrew had a great year creating and scoring his own shots on the goal.(he would always defer to someone else to finish before). He and his teammate Dante of the last 2 years work together seamlessly. One of his favorite moments was when he told me, before the game, that when Dante crosses the ball from the corner across the front of the goal that he would just pop it in the goal off his chest. And then he did!

Grant and his BEST friend Kyle. Grant always had Kyle's back and would run and pick him up when he went down where ever he was.

The Green Pythons went full mustaches and crazy hair for the 4-0 win against the Turquoise team.

I think the other team was a little intimidated by the hair and mustaches(the mustaches didn't stay on very long).